OMORIKA PET was established in 1998 and is dealing with PET products made of polimers-poliethyleneteraphtalats.

Our mission is to identify what our buyers’ needs are; to offers our ideas and suggestions, to present our know-how, our skills and production capacities, to meet the expectations when it comes to PET production.


-PET preforms of various grammage and neck finish

*PCO 1881 28mm
*PCO 1810 28mm
*Oil neck 29mm
*3 star 30/25
*Bericap 38mm
*Bericap 48mm

Preform production is carried out on Italian SIPA spurts types: PPS24, PPS72, XFORM generation 3.

-0,33 to 6l PET bottles with design variety, made for packing water, juice, oil, chemical products, and like.

Preform production is carried out on Italian SIPA blowers types: SFL4/4, SFL2/2, SF2/2 i SF750B/2

PET preforms and bottles production processes are, in every step, carried out under strict control, which ensures the top quality product.

The Company is oriented towards having our products presented in foreign market EU/Croatia, Slovenia/ and Serbia, Macedonia, and BIH. We also have our goods transported by our own trucks both in home and foreign market.

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