Omorika PET Ltd

Omorika PET Ltd is a company founded in 1998, with the aim of producing and offering to the market high-quality and unique PET packaging
Our mission is to identify the customer's needs, offer conceptual solutions and proposals, use our knowledge, skills and production capacities and fulfill expectations in the production of PET packaging.
We are supported by an outstanding development and research team that monitors and perfects all production and quality control processes, thus providing clients with quality products.

Rapid PET Ltd

The company RAPID PET Ltd, based in Novi Sad, has been operating since 1985. The original production was the production of tools and rubber products, since 1992. starts with the production of PET packaging 0.20ml to 6l of various shapes.
We are engaged in the production of closures and blow moulds for PET bottles, made according to the most modern technology.
We stand out for our good work ethics, we are fair and we always respect all agreements.
We are a family company with tradition, the work of our company is based on four principles:
- Quality
- Constant control
- Safety
- Deadline

We provide quality!